tamarack branch If you are seeking soul-solutions to connect with greater ease and your authenticity meet me at the intersection of western medicine and ancient wisdom.
Tamarack Psychiatry
There is no one-size-fits-all approach to healing. Your care needs to be as unique as your own story.
Tamarack Psychiatry is a confidential, holistic, patient-centered, integrative mental health private practice. For each patient, the needs of the mind, body and spirit are addressed to move toward greater balance.
If psychological barriers, emotional stumbling blocks or destructive habits are preventing you from living your best life I can work with you to help you navigate your own unique path toward alignment with health.
With treatment you can achieve greater ease, resilience, and balance
Client Perspectives

Dr. White’s on top of what’s in my best interest as a patient… I could not ask for a better doctor.

Dr. White has helped me through many personal issues and is always caring and kind.

Dr. White has helped me come a long way since I started seeing her.

Offering both Telehealth and in-person visits

Growth Mindset

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