Dr. Suzan White, DO

Suzan  White

About Me

  • Graduated Wellesley CollegeCum Laude ( with Jane Bakkalar studio art award )
  • Attended Art School, got an MFA in painting
  • Fell in love with the holistic  mind-body-spirit approach of Osteopathic Medicine
  •  Graduated from University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine with Psi Sigma Alpha academic honors
  • Completed Psychiatry residency through University of Massachusetts Medical School 
  • Certification in Positive Psychology -selected as  teaching assistant, did extra training outside of residency 
  • Board Certified in Psychiatry 
  • Board Certified in Addiction Medicine
  • Northwestern Medical Center Hospital Leadership Award  in 2019
  • 7 years experience as a Medical Director caring for  patients with complex mental health and addiction presentations 
  • Presenter  to community partners and at conferences as a subject matter expert
  • Ongoing postgraduate training in Traditional Osteopathy, a hands-on technique that teaches how to synchronize with the indwelling health, a healing modality based on what the founder of osteopathy was taught by Native American healers. 
  • Mentored by Elders in Indigenous and Aboriginal Wisdom Traditions since 2017

With help you can overcome the obstacles holding you back from your best life

Every person has the potential to move toward greater health and a greater capacity for love. The path is different for everyone. You possess your own innate healer and I can serve as a fulcrum for this healing if the system has become out of balance. 

We are designed to grow through relationship, so reaching out of help is an act of courage. There is nothing as noble or challenging as healing. It is the best thing to do for oneself, one\'s family, one\'s community and ultimately the living planet. Healthy people make healthier choices that benefit everyone. 

I love to help people feel better equipped to manage life challenges, and to help them shift toward greater health.

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