Medication Management

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Are you open to traditional psychiatric medications to help you get back into greater balance? Are you aware that there are other holistic options to manage mental health issues that can be very effective though may take longer to take effect? A comprehensive approach may combine Western psychiatric medications with holistic supplements, vitamins, and dietary changes.
Psychiatric medications can be used judiciously with other interventions as part of a comprehensive integrative psychiatry treatment plan. Labs will need to be reviewed prior to initiating medications and all existing medications will be checked for potential drug-drug interactions. Medications will not be prescribed at the evaluation visit. Labs will be drawn periodically to monitor certain medication blood levels and to monitor for side effects. 

As an integrative psychiatrist, I draw on over a decade of experience treating complex mental health and addiction issues with Western psychopharmacology, evidence-based therapies, holistic approaches, positive psychology, and ancient wisdom traditions. Medication management can be a useful tool in a comprehensive approach. 

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