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PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder): Have you experienced trauma or traumas that continue to affect you on a regular basis? Does it feel like your nervous system has gone haywire? Do you jump easily, have trouble sleeping, have nightmares, intrusive flashbacks? Are there times when you just check out from everything happening around you? Do you have trouble reaching out for help?
Did you know that there is not only the possibility you can heal from this but it might even become a source of growth and strength? Post-traumatic – growth can help you to become more socially attuned and help you to have more compassion for others. 

I provide trauma-informed care to individuals who have experienced trauma. As an integrative psychiatrist, I draw on over a decade of experience treating complex mental health and addiction issues with Western medicine, evidence-based therapies, holistic approaches, positive psychology, and ancient wisdom traditions to help you to find your way to a life in which you get the support you deserve to heal and grow. 

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